KDNA Marketing

Passion Project
Project Overview
kdnamarketing.com started off as an idea I had. I started to venture into online businesses, tried and failed many times. Affiliate marketing, Shopify dropshipping, and digital marketing are some of the things I was trying to earn an income from. All 3 of these had one thing in common. They all needed a beautiful website. I always found myself more dedicated to making the a website as appealing and mobile friendly as possible. I had found my real passion. Bringing websites to life.
My Contributions
I built this website in the span of a couple days, every second I had after work I was glued to the computer making this as clean as possible. Creating a easy and user friendly navigation interface so the potential clients who visited my site knew what my goal was. I spent a lot of time testing to see which layouts would get more clicks and views. I designed everything my self and its one of my favorite sites.