Project Overview
After a beautiful experience in Monterey Bay, I wanted to leave a review for the whale watching tour company that took us to all the whale hot spots on our ride. I visited the website the had printed everywhere and I was very disappointed. It turned out to be the most cluttered and lousiest website I had seen in a while. It didn't represent them well at all. On the way home I had the bright idea to make them a beautiful site that would blow their current site out of the water.
My Contributions
I redesigned the site completely. Let the pictures speak for themselves. The site was cluttered and very unprofessional. I wanted to create something easy on the eye, simple to navigate, and easy to get information. That's exactly what I did. The new redesign is much more appealing . I am very proud of this mock up!
Current Site
Pictured above is how their current site looks like. I am very interested in contacting them and showing them the redesign and hopefully they are inclined to have their site redesigned.


This is the mock up I created. I think it represents them well. It focuses on whats important and what the people need to see. Not a bunch of clutered posts in one page.